Mild Stainless Steel Beam

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Mild Steel Beam

Stainless Steel Beam

Fine Industrial Corporation is manufacturers and suppliers of mild stainless steel beam with assured quality features and standards. Stainless steel Beam is used to truck trailer, crane parts and industrial industry and many more engineering companies. We have lots of beams quality such as stainless steel, carbon steel and mild steel, our engineers are working for industrial used product with genuine quality materials. Steel Beam is the globally choice for construction company, providing durable quality, sturdy materials and ideal designed. We are the leading of stainless steel bar, mild steel beam, carbon steel flanges and industrial pipe fittings materials available. We have reputed company which delivered custom shape, size and alloy are available upon suggestion.

Material available in 100mm x 50mm To 200mm x 100mm

Grades : En8 / En8D / En9 / En16

Stainless Steel Beam

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